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Data Recovery

C-Techs provides affordable data recovery services at Calgary Area. A disk diagnostic and recovery estimate from C-Techs is free. You pay only for successful recoveries that you approve beforehand. Fastest turnaround, direct communication, and personalized service.

$90 - $240

Water Damaged Rescue

When your computer is water damaged, don't panic. Bring it to us ASAP. People might tell you to put it into rice or something, but that is not the proper way to fix it, because the damage could get worse over time. We are able to clean it up and reduce the damage and the cost to fix it.


Virus/malware removal

$60 - $90

MAC Logic Board Chip-level Repair

$150 - $400

IMAC Sata Hard Drive Replacement

$170 - $240

Why US?

  • 15+ years Mac repair history
  • Reliable suppliers
  • Free “while you wait” estimates.
  • Quality parts.
  • Quick services.
  • Affordable rates.
  • No hidden fee.
  • Warranty after repair.
  • Guarantee fix, or no charges.

Mac OS X System

Virus/malware removal

$60 - $90

Mac OS X Mac OS X Reload, Update

Your Mac system doesn't work well and you wanna a complete fresh reload to get rid of everything, bring the operating system back to its original. We can do this for you. Also, We can upgrade your system to the most updated version.

$75 - $120

MacBook Pro / Air

MacBook Pro / Air Keyboard replacement

We take our MacBook everywhere, dining table, backyard, even the bathroom. After all, they are portable. Spilling liquid on a laptop usually results in a few keys not working or sometimes the whole keyboard may malfunction. Keyboards are replaced not repaired.

$150 - $200

MacBook Pro / Air Trackpad replacement

$120 - $150

MacBook Pro / Air Cooling Fan Replacement

$120 - $150

MacBook Pro / Air (2008-2012) LCD Screen replacement

$160 - $220

MacBook Pro / Air (2013-2017) SSD hard drive upgrade or replacement

$200 - $700

Price based on size of hard drive

MacBook Pro / Air (2013-2017) Retina Screen Replacement

$180 - $650

Price based on MacBook Models

MACBOOK PRO (2008-2012) SATA Hard Drive Replacement

$140 - $200

MACBOOK PRO (2008-2012) SSD hard drive upgrade or replacement



IMAC Video Card Repalcement

$250 - $700

Price based on iMac Models

IMAC LCD Screen replacement


Price based on iMac Models

IMAC Glass Replacement

$120 - $180

IMAC Sata Hard Drive Replacement

$170 - $240

Price based on size of hard drive

IMAC SSD hard drive upgrade or replacement


IMAC Power Supply Replacement

$120 - $250

IMAC Cooling Fan Replacement

$120 - $200

* All prices include parts and labor. prices subject to change without notice.

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