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PC Repair Service

Has your computer developed problems? C-Techs will give you the very best in PC repair service. We provide repairs as quickly as possible, no matter the make or model of your machine. You can feel confident that we can resolve your difficulty, whether it is caused by a software problem or a hardware failure.

Our technicians are professionally trained in all aspects of PC repair. We will make sure you understand everything we discover about your ailing computer as well as the possible solutions we can provide. No option will be pursued until you agree to it. We will strive to give you the best solution that can suit your budget.

We fix all kinds of PCs, no matter Laptop or Desktop

C-Techs Computer Services is your complete PC repair service provider. We fight with every problem, no matter is hardware or software issue, from simple software upgrade to complex laptop motherboard replacement. We have your PC back working smoothly in a short period of time.

Free “while you wait” estimates

When you bring in your computer for repair. We will perform a diagnostic right the way. In 80% of the cases, we will be able to tell you what the problem is and how much to repair it immediately. Then you can make the decision if you want to fix it or not. and this service is totally free. If you don't want the fix, you are good to go. No charges at all. For some cases, it might need longer time to figure out what the issue is, we will do it free as well. You will always have a firm price before the repair.

Hardware and Software Fixes for Your laptop

Laptop computers are much more than a bunch of hardware with an operating system. Today's laptops use a multitude of applications to perform any number of functions. That means that computer repairs often involve working out problems that involve both hardware and software.

C-Techs technicians are familiar with all the major software apps used for everyday home and business computing. That allows us to diagnose and repair your problem faster and more economically.

Many computer users are stymied by updates to their operating systems that disable device drivers unexpectedly. These problems can appear to be hardware problems, When a simple software update will get your laptop humming again. When you bring your misbehaving laptop in to C-Techs, we can determine if your problem is hardware or software, and we're trained and equipped to handle both. That's why you should trust your laptop repair to C-Techs.

Informed Choices Make Happy Customers

C-Techs understands how important your laptop is to your daily life. We work hard to get your computer back into your hands as quickly as possible. We will diagnose the problem quickly, and we always explain all the possible options and their costs. That way, you can make a truly informed decision about how to proceed. We never use technical jargon that can confuse the issue, either. We want you to understand exactly what needs to be done, and how much it will cost. C-Techs believes an informed customer will be a happy customer.

C-Techs prides itself on quick, reliable PC repair services. Bring your malfunctioning computer to our convenient, low-key computer repair shop at Unit4, 675 ACADIA DR SE, or call to schedule a visit.

All brands of laptop supported

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